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    fight with light
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    fun you will have
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    get fit while lit
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    find balance
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    show your glow
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    I am one with the force and the force is with me


Have you ever felt like the universe wanted you to do something? Sensed it in your soul? Have you seen it vividly in your dreams?

I have felt this impetus for most of my life. In my eighth year on this planet, I saw something that changed everything. It was the story of a young boy who discovered a larger universe and his place in it with the help of his friends and mentors. He received both a tool and an education to fulfill his destiny.

My favorite toy as a child was my lightsaber. It was a flashlight attached to a plastic tube. I found colored gels at a hobby store and would frequently change the hue of the blade depending on my mood. The plastic tube got crunched in the door of my closet, and I was genuinely downtrodden. It would take decades to replace it.

As an adult, my obsession has not dimmed. I currently own quite a few lightsabers, and I appreciate their simple elegance and what they represent to me. The past and the future, focused into a controlled light.

I had a dream that felt so real that it moved me to act. In the dream, my son and I were wielding lightsabers in a dojo. We weren’t fighting but instead, collaborating and choreographing our stances and swings in a way that seemed both intentional and skillful. It felt mindful and focused. It felt like the future was now.

New Orleans Light Academy is this dream made real. We are focused on doing things to make this venture sustainable and entertaining. We expect to have workshops in the fall taught by talented mentors. We invite you to join us for a unique experience of exercise and meditation while learning fencing and sword techniques.

Brian McCormick
Founder, New Orleans Light Academy

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